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          When Tina Nicolai began working as a recruiter for Walt Disney World in the late 1990s, she noticed that many job seekers were submitting flawed résumés. "I realized people simply did not know how to market themselves or their achievements," Nicolai tells Business Insider. "And that's how I knew there was a market to educate job candidates at all levels and in all industries."

          In 2010 she founded Résumé Writer'sInk. "Since launching my company, I've read over 40,000 résumés," she says. "And this is the what most people get wrong. They think a "buffet résumé" is the best way to go. Nicolai says a buffet résumé is one that have too much going on...one that make too much information.

          "My clients often think a résumé that is a smorgasbord is best because it demonstrates the bandwidth of skills, experiences, and achievements that they have in their repertoire of success.'' she says. "But this is a recipe for getting overlooked."

          Nicolai says hiring managers do not have time to sift through you résumé, picking out what is directly related to the job opening. "A résumé is like a wardrobe. Just because a person has everything from casual to formal doesn't mean they wear all of those pieces together," she explains. "We dress according to where we're going, the activity we're doing, and the climate ― but we don't wear it all at once."

          Only include information that's relevant to the job you're applying for. And yes, this means you need to tailor your résumé for each job application. Don't be lazy!

          1.The word "repertoire" in paragraph 3, is closet in meaning to ______.

          A. collection B. selection C. repetition D. variety

          2. According to the passage, what is a smorgasbord résumé?

          A. A résumé that contains everything.

          B. A résumé that has a special focus.

          C. A résumé that is fancy-looking.

          D. A résumé that impresses all.

          3. What does Tina Nicolai mean when she said "This is a recipe for getting overlooked" in paragraph 3?

          A. One needs to add more information to the résumé.

          B. Putting too much information in the résumé distracts the reader's attention.

          C. The résumé needs to be more eye-catching.

          D. The details in the résumé could be easily overlooked because of the arrangement.

          4. Which of the following is recommended according to the passage?

          A. Offering as much information in the résumé as possible.

          B. Making the résumé like a wardrobe.

          C. Putting all of one's achievements in the résumé.

          D. Tailoring the résumé for each application.

          5. If you are applying for a sales manager, which of the following should NOT be included in your résumé according to the passage?

          A. Experience as a group leader.

          B. Award of the best debater

          C. Demonstrated sales results

          D. Intern as a sales assistant


          1.【答案】A。解析:知識營銷的定義要點是:①企業在營銷過程中;②注入一定的知識含量和文化內蘊。A 項符合定義;B 項捐獻體育用品不符合②;C 項師范院校不符合①;D 項在電視節目中進行股票分析不符合①。故答案選 A。

          2.【答案】A。解析:互補商品的定義要點是:甲價格的下跌引起對乙需求的增長。A 項膠片相機和膠卷符合互補商品的定義;B 項葡萄酒價格上升,酒杯的價格不變,不符合定義;C 項汽油價格上漲并不是因為汽車價格的下降,而是因為石油緊缺,不符合定義;D 項增購球拍是因為質量不好,也不符合互補商品的定義。故答案選 A。

          3.【答案】C。解析:信息繭房的定義要點是:習慣性地被興趣所引導而最終束縛住自己。A 項"堆滿了一房間"、B 項"無論走到哪里"、D 項"晚上的時間基本都"均說明已被束縛住,符合定義。C 項是對互聯網的正常利用,沒有體現被束縛,不符合定義。故答案選 C。










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