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          Passage 1

          The market is a concept. If you are growing tomatoes in your backyard for sale you are producing for the market. You might sell some to your neighbor and some to the manager of the local supermarket. But in either case, you are producing for the market. Your efforts are being directed by the market. If people stop buying tomatoes, you will stop producing them.

          If you take care of a sick person to earn money, you are producing for the market. If your father is a steelworker or a truck driver or a doctor or a grocer, he is producing goods or service for the market.

          When you spend your income, you are buying things from the market. You may spend money in stores, supermarkets, gas station and restaurants. Still you are buying from the market. When the local grocer hires you to drive the delivery truck, he is buying your labor in the labor market.

          The market may be something abstract. But for each person or business who is making and selling something, it's very real. If nobody buys your tomatoes, it won't be long before you get the message. The market is telling you something. It's telling you that you are using energies and resources in doing something the market doesn't want you to do.

          11. Which of the following would be the best title of the passage?

          A. Selling and Buying.

          B. What Is the Market?

          C. Everything You Do Is Producing for the Market.

          D. What the Market Can Do for You?

          12. All of the following acts are producing for the market EXCEPT ______.

          A. working in a bank B. printing a book

          C. attending a night school D. growing beans for sale

          13. You are buying from the market when you ______.

          A. borrow a book from the library B. look after your children

          C. drive to the seaside for a holiday D. dine at a restaurant

          14. The word "real" in the last paragraph may most probably mean ______.

          A. serious B. true

          C. important D. concrete

          15. In what way is the market very real for each person or business who is making and selling something?

          A. It tells you what to produce.

          B. It tells you how to grow tomatoes.

          C. It provides you with everything you need.

          D. It helps you save money.

          Passage 1

          11.【答案】B。解析:主旨題。文章首句就提到了市場是一個概念,然后解釋了什么是producing for the market,什么是buying from the market,最后又說明了市場的作用,所以整篇文章都是在介紹什么是市場,故選B。

          12.【答案】C。解析:細節題。根據producing for the market定位到第一、二段。文中提到了種西紅柿、做護工賺錢、從事各種職業(包括a steelworker, a truck driver, a doctor or a grocer),都屬于producing for the market。據此可知,A. 在銀行工作,B. 印刷圖書,D. 種豆子出售,這三項都屬于producing for the market;只有C項的"去夜校上學"與原文不符,故選C。

          13.【答案】D。解析:細節題。根據buying from the market定位到第三段。第二句中說You may spend money in stores, supermarkets, gas station and restaurants,這些都屬于buying from the market的行為。據此可知選項D"在餐館吃飯"與文章對應,而A項"借書"、B項"照看孩子"、C項"開車去海邊"都與market無關,不屬于buying from the market的行為。故本題選D。

          14.【答案】D。解析:詞義猜測題。最后一段第一句提到The market may be something abstract,緊接著轉折,But ..., it's very real,根據這層轉折關系及前后句意可以判斷real的詞義應與abstract(抽象的)相反,即具體的,故選D. concrete。

          15.【答案】A。解析:推斷題。根據最后一段最后三句話可知:如果沒人買西紅柿,你很快就會知道,因為市場會告訴你,你正在生產市場不需要的東西。也就是說市場會告訴我們要生產什么、不要生產什么,即It tells you what to produce。故選A。









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