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          Passage One

          There has been, in history, a man who was swallowed by a whale and lived to tell the tale. The man's name is James Bartley. The records to prove his unusual experience are in the British Admiralty.

          Bartley was making his first trip on the whaling ship Star of the East. Suddenly the lookout sighted a huge sperm whale. The whalers knew it was a huge whale by the size of the spray it blew the air. They lowered their small boats. James Bartley was in the first longboat. The men rowed until they were close to the whale. A harpoon was thrown and it found its mark. It sank the whale's flesh. The maddened beast crashed the boat, snapping its tail at the men and the wreckage of their boats. When the survivors were picked up, James Bartley was missing.

          Shortly before sunset, the whale was finally captured. The sailors tied the whale's dead body to the side of the ship. Because of the hot weather it was important that they cut up the whale right away. Otherwise, the meat would begin to rot and oil would begin to spoil. When they got to the stomach, they felt something moving about wildly. They thought it would be a big fish still alive inside. But when they opened the stomach they found James Bartley. After this trip, Bartley settled in England, and never returned to sea.

          第36題 This passage is mainly about__________.

          A.how to hunt whales for their oil and meat

          B.The hard and dangerous lives that whalers had to live

          C.The duties of each man on a whaling ship

          D.a man who was swallowed by a whale and lived


          第37題 The sailors knew that something was in the whale's stomach because__________.

          A.they could feel it moving about wildly

          B.The whale seemed very heavy

          C.The whale was swelling at one spot

          D.The captain heard Bartley yelling for help


          第38題 James Barfley probably never went to sea again because__________.

          A.he wanted different kinds of adventures

          B.of fright and shock

          C.he was crippled by the whale

          D.he often got seasick


          第39題 The author, in telling James Bartley's story, informs us by__________.

          A.narrating the plain facts

          B.referring to whaling in general

          C.comparing whaling to other fishing

          D.dramatically telling what happened



          Passage Two

          In ancient times wealth was measured and exchanged in things that could be touched: food ,tools, and previous metals and stones. Then the barter system was replaced by coins, which still had real value since they were pieces of rare metal. Coins were followed by fiat money, paper notes that have value only because everyone agrees to accept them.

          Today electronic monetary systems are gradually being introduced that will transform money even less tangible forms,reducing it to a series of "bits and bytes" ,or units of computerized information, going between machines at the speed of light. Already, electronic fund transfer allows money to be instantly sent and received by different banks, companies, and countries through computers and telecommunications devices.

          第40題 According to the passage, which of the following was the earliest kind of exchange of wealth?

          A.Bartered goods. B.Fiat money

          C.Coin currency D.Intangible forms


          第41題 The author mentions food,tools and precious metals and stones together because they are all__________.

          A.useful items B.articles of value

          C.difficult things to obtain D.material objects


          第42題 According to the passage, coins once had real value currency because they__________.

          A.represented a great improvement over barter

          B.permitted easy transportation of wealth

          C.were made of precious metals

          D.could become collector's items


          第43題 Which of the following statements about computerized monetary systems is NOT supported by the passage?

          A.They promote international trade.

          B.The allow very rapid money transfers.

          C.They are still limited to small transactions

          D.They are dependent on good telecommunications systems.


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