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          Passage One

          Key James, Secretary of Health and Human Resources in the Virginia State government, loves to turn the tables on those who don't think it's possible to be middle-class,conservative,educated and still be truly black. Once, during an Abortion debate, a woman in the audience angrily told James she was so middle-class she didn't have a clue about real African American life. "If you understood what these women go through," the woman said, "you would realize that abortion is their only choice. "

          James then asked the woman to consider a poor black mother on welfare. She already has four children and an alcoholic husband who has all but abandoned the family. Now she discovers another child is on the way. How would you counsel that woman, asked James.

          "Have an abortion," the woman responded. "That child would have a very poor quality of life. "

          "I have a vested interest in your answer," James said. "The woman I described was my mother. I was the fifth of six children born poverty. And, in case you're interested,the quality of my life is just fine!"

          第36題 "To move the tables" means__________.

          A.to move the tables  B.to carry the tables away

          C.to gain courage  D.to gain an advantage after having been at a disadvantage


          第37題 James' father__________.

          A.divorced his wife  B.liked to drink  C.deserted his family  D.B and C


          第38題 James' mother__________.

          A.was educated  B.was conservative  C.was poor  D.A and B


          第39題 James' family led a__________life when she was born.

          A.miserable  B.happy  C.well-off  D.hardly



          Passage Two

          When I was about 12 I had an enemy, a girl who liked to point out my shortcomings. Week by week her list grew: I was skinny, I wasn't a good student, I was boyish, I talked too loud, and so on. I put up with her as long as I could. At last, with great anger, I ran to my father in tears.

          He listened to my outburst quietly. Then he asked, "Are the things she says true or not?"

          True? I wanted to know how to strike back. What did truth have to do with it?

          "Mary, didn't you ever wonder what you are really like? Well, you now have that girl's opinion. Go and make a list of everything she said and mark the points that are true. Pay no attention to the other things she said. "

          I did as he directed and discovered to my surprise that about half the things were true. Some of them I couldn't change ( like being skinny), but a good number I could and suddenly wanted to change.

          For the first time in my life I got a fairly clear picture of myself.

          I brought the list back to Daddy. He refused to take it.

          "That's just for you," he said. "You know better than anybody else the truth about yourself, once you hear it. But you've got to learn to listen, not to close your ears in anger or hurt. When something said about you is true you'll know it. You'll find that it will echo inside you. "

          Daddy's advice has returned to me at many important moments.

          第40題 What did the girl's enemy like to do?

          A.Talking with her.  B.Pointing out her weak points.

          C.Reporting to the teacher.  D.Quarrelling with her.


          第41題 What did the girl do when she could no longer bear her enemy?

          A.She turned to her father.  B.She cried to her heart's content.

          C.She tried to put up with her again.  D.She tried to be her friend.


          第42題 Why did the girl's father ask her to make the list?

          A.He wanted to keep the list at home.

          B.He didn't know what the girl's enemy had said.

          C.He wanted the girl to talk back.

          D.He wanted her to check if she really had these weak points.


          第43題 What can we infer from reading the passage?

          A.The girl benefited from her father's advice.

          B.The girl was very often angry with her father.

          C.The girl's father loved other people's advice,

          D.The girl was easily hurt by her father ,


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