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          Part I Vocabulary and Structure (1 point each, 30 points in all)

          Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences. You are required to complete each one by deciding on the most appropriate word or words from the 4 choices marked A,B,C and D, then write the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

          1.Will you speak louder so as make people _____ you?

          A.to hear B.heard C.hearing D.hear

          2.The car industry can’t survive ______ the government help.

          A.without B.with C.besides D.except

          3.I had considerable difficulty ________ her to go out for a drink with me.

          A.to persuade B.to have persuaded C.persuade D.persuading

          4.Mr. Black, our new English teacher, is strict _________ kind.

          A.or B.but C.with D.as well

          5._______ China Today is a good way of improving our English.

          A.Having read B.Have read C.Reading D.Read

          6.If I ________ you, I wouldn’t miss the chance tomorrow morning.

          A.be B.will be C.am D.were

          7.Those who want to attend the meeting should _______ the form.

          A.fill in B.fill up C.fill with D.fill of

          8.After ______ for the job, the interviewees will be required to take a health check.

          A.to interview B.being interviewed C.interviewing D.having interviewed

          9.Compared ________ our small flat, Bill’s house seemed like a palace.

          A.in B.for C.with D.as

          10.——Each of the hard-working students ________ to go to college.

          ——So do we.

          A.hope B.hoping C.hoped D.hopes

          11.He says ______ clearly ________ beginners understand most of his words.

          A.such…that B.so…that C.such a …that D.so a …that

          12.Language is a tool _________ people communicate with each other.

          A.by all means B.by means of C.by means of which D.by means of that

          13.Julia didn’t have enough clothes ________ a week.

          A.to last B.last C.lasted D.last for

          14.He is pleased ________ what you have given him.

          A.of B.to C.with D.in

          15.Scarcely had he fallen ________ when a knock at the door awakened him.

          A.sleeping B.asleep C.sleepy D.sleeper

          16.It is strongly recommended that teachers _______ computers in their teaching.

          A.will use B.shall use C.use D.used

          17.The more careful they are, _________

          A.the less mistakes will they make

          B.the less mistakes they’ll make

          C.the fewer mistakes will they make

          D.the fewer mistakes they’ll make

          18.John will get the money from his aunt _______ her death.

          A.with the help of B.in the event of C.according to D.in face of

          19.We didn’t know what to do _______ the money had gone.

          A.once B.whether C.though D.then

          20.——Mr. Jiang, long time no see. How are you?

          ——Fine, thanks. How are you _____ your teaching?

          A.getting well with B.getting across C.getting together D.getting on with

          21.Some people think __________ more about their rights than about their responsibilities.

          A.much B.too C.less D.very

          22.There are ______ as many houses in this area as there used to be.

          A.two B.twice C.second D.secondly

          23.Columbus and his crew _______ from Europe in 1492.

          A.set out B.put out C.ruled out D.sorted out

          24.______the kids have left home, we’re got a lot of extra space.

          A.Since that B.Now C.Even if D.Even so

          25.We’ve asked the neighbors to _________ the house for us while we are away.

          A.have an eye to B.keep an eye on

          C.have an eye for D.keep an eye open

          26.The hotel is going to be ________ a nursing home.

          A.controlled B.confirmed C.consumed D.converted

          27.The young man ________ in this company since he graduated from Madison College five years ago.

          A.was working B.has been working C.works D.worked

          28.The college offers so many courses; the students haven’t decided ______

          A.where to choose B.whom to choose C.which to choose D.why to choose

          29.He said he’d phone you ______ he got home.

          A.for a while B.after a while C.at moment D.the moment

          30.With a good ______ of both Chinese and English, Miss Lin was assigned to be the tour guide for the American visitors.

          A.command B.interest C.result D.impression

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