About cnimporter.com

Founded in 2017, Extbrand.com is an imported business platform in china,Extbrand.com follows the pace of further expansion of China's import policies, and is committed to building channels for global import brands to explore the Chinese market, as well as providing Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs with diversified international cooperation opportunities.

As a supplement to extbrand.com, cnimporter.com was established in early 2020. Import companies can promote and expand their business in China on two platforms at the same time to achieve better advertising effects.

As one of the two largest economies in the world, China has amazing consumption capacity. Especially in recent years, as China's consumption has been upgraded, more and more people have sought overseas high-quality products, and China has further opened up the domestic market with its own development. 

With the advancement of the belt and road strategy,Chinese President xi jinping has put forward the policy of further expanding China's imports,and holds CHINA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT EXPO every year.

With the advantages of the information technology and the team's years of operating experience, it is committed to building channels for global import brands to expand the Chinese market and make it more efficient through the Internet.It has become an important online platform to promote the development of China's open world economy by more efficiently connecting  a large number of importers, dealers and franchisees and other channels in China.

By mid-2020,,as the leading B2B business platform for import industry in China, EXTBRAND.COM and CNIMPORTER.COM has more than 250,000 monthly unique visitors and over 100,000 monthly active users of IOS APP and android APP.With the deepening of market promotion and further liberalization of China's import policy, the users are still growing at a growth rate of nearly 10%.